Monday, August 20, 2012

Rick Clunn Lipless Rod Review

Rick Clunn joined the Wright & McGill team in 2011.  In doing so he teamed up with the company that brought us the Skeet Reese tech specific rods.  Rick now has his own line of rods by Wright & McGill.  His line up consist of 6 cranking rods which include a Jerkbait, square bill, clear water square bill, murky water square bill, deep “2” cranking and the rod I tested, the lipless rod.

The rods are by far some of the coolest rods I have ever seen.  They feature a turquoise crackle finish and holographic zirconium guides (even thought I have heard a lot of people say they don’t like the color).  Not only do the eyes look cool they reduce weight and improve casting distance.  Which I can truly say they do, I can cast the same lure with the same reel a greater distance with this rod then I can on other rods I use for lipless baits.

The Rick Clunn rods feature the same S-Glass blank construction that the Skeet Reese cranking rods have.  The S-Glass delivers incredible power, a super soft feel which improves your fish catching.  I have caught 44 fish including bass, pike and catfish on this rod.  It holds up well to a big fight, without ripping the lure free from a fish’s mouth.

I was impressed from the first time I saw the rod.  The color of the rod and the eye lit color are amazing.  I was even more impressed by the rod once I used it.  Like I stated earlier I am able to outcast other set ups I have used for lipless baits in the past.  It also has incredible feel, I can tell the difference between a strike and grass better than I have ever been able to before.  The rod loads incredibly well and setting the hook is easy, and at times the bass do all the work for you.       

I used an Abu Garcia Black Max reel on the rod and the setup was well balanced.  Rick Clunn told me he has been using the Skeet Reese reels on his rods (at I cast 2012 Clunn’s line of reels were introduced).  Whatever reel you put on it, the split handle helps to balance the rod out in your hand.  I threw a lipless bait for hours the first time I used it and never felt fatigue.  The rod is light weight and it is easy to work all day long.

I highly recommend the Rick Clunn Lipless rod.  It gets 5 out of 5 in my book.  It cost 89.99 at Bass Pro Shops, which is right on par with the Wright & McGill tech specific rods.  You can find out more about all of the Rick Clunn rods at  I hope to be adding to my rod collection with other Rick Clunn rods in the future, and maybe even a few of the new Rick Clunn reels.  If you are looking for a lipless crankbait rod don’t overlook the Rick Clunn lipless rod.     

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