Monday, March 17, 2014


“PMA” (Positive Mental Attitude) I scratched my head as I read the title of the fishing seminar I was about to attend.  All I could think was; am I reading this right?  Shouldn’t it be titled something like power fishing, finesse fishing, shouldn’t the word fishing at least be in the title?  I was at a fishing show but I was about to walk into a seminar suited for a self-help conference.  I checked my ticket one more time just to make sure I hadn’t walked into a self-help seminar by mistake.

A Positive Mental Attitude was the topic Elite Series angler Gerald Swindle covered.   I listened as the fast talking southerner; self-proclaimed, proud redneck covered the topic.  I could not help but see myself in his words.  I would venture to say any angler who sat in the room during his seminar at some point could see themselves reflected in some way.
The main point that GMAN was getting at is that anglers can be their own worst enemy.  Anglers let the negatives affect them when we are on or off the water.  Before we ever make a cast an angler can ruin their day by allowing a bad attitude to control them.  

I can’t tell you how many times I thought the day was ruined while launching my boat.  Those days are the ones I know I didn’t catch them; sure I might have gotten a few bites but not many.  It’s the days I am relaxed and having fun that I catch them.  The best day I ever had on the water I caught more bass than I ever had, the exact number escapes me now but it was over fifty.  I was relaxed I was enjoying myself I was out to have fun (and maybe trying to catch more bass than my wife).  I believe a lot of times we forget to have fun even during a tournament.
Tournament anglers stand to learn the most from the idea of Positive Mental Attitude.  When the day doesn’t go as we planned or we don’t have a limit by the time we feel we should we get down and begin letting negative thoughts flow.  Be honest with yourself, things seem to go from bad to worse.  The idea of PMA is to not let the little things or even big things get you down.  So what, you aren’t catching them, you lost a fish or two.  Look at the positives you are still out fishing.  You are away from the daily grind.  The phone isn’t ringing off the hook; no office, no boss, it is just you and the fish.

Those outside the world of fishing don’t understand the passion and drive that leads us back time and time again to chase fish.  When anglers stand in their own way by having a bad attitude, we are not only hurting ourselves but the time we have to spend enjoying something amazing.  We allow that attitude to spoil those precious hours on the water. 
Having a Positive Mental Attitude while on the water makes the time more enjoyable.  If we think hard about it, I am sure every angler has been on the water with someone who is not catching them or having a bad day.  I know I have shared the boat with a friend and hoped and prayed he catches them because if he didn’t his negativity would ruin my day.  I got to the point I wouldn’t invite him to fish with me because his attitude got so bad.  If we are honest with ourselves no one wants to be that guy.  We don’t want to be the one who ruins a fishing trip.  Allowing a bad attitude to surround us, can and will ruin it.

When we only think about the negatives we are also affecting those around us.  If we want to pass our love of fishing on to the next generation then we have to stay positive.  We cannot be negative on the boat with those we are trying to introduce to the sport.  No one will find joy and a love for fishing surrounded by negativity. 

On your next trip out fishing, think about having a positive mental attitude when things go wrong.  Don’t let the issues at the boat ramp or the birds nest in your bait caster get you upset.  Instead think about the fact that you are out fishing, the fact that you could be at work but instead you are doing what you love.  Swindle said one thing that really hit home.  He basically said if you have a positive mental attitude on the water it will carry over into the rest of your life.  So keep your chin up the next time things go wrong on the water, don’t think about the bad instead focus on the good.  You never know what else might change in your life if you have the right attitude.    

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

V-T2 Livewell give away Winner announced!

The winner of the V-T2 give away is.........Jack Watkins. Congrats!!!! Thank you V-T2 for allowing me to do the give away. If you didn't win don't let that get you down you can still get a set at for under $50, I will be running them and we know Jack Watkins will be running them don't be left behind!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Strike King and Trokar?

Photo by: Anton McKinney

It would seem that Strike King (Sponsor of KVD) and Trokar have teamed up.  What does this mean for Trokar?  Companies like Rapala use VMC (a brand owned by their parent company) which has put the brand on anglers radar.  I believe that a partnership between Trokar and Strike King just solidifies Trokars stake in the hook world.  Yes a lot of anglers don't care for the hooks (I think they make a quality hook) and the fact that a few years ago they dropped the premium price helped them in the market.  I personally use Strike King lures and will change trebles to Trokar so this is a positive for me.  Some of you won’t like the change but I am sure after seeing how easy it is to set the hook with a Trokar it won’t be an issue.     

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Win a Set of V-T2's

You might have heard about the V-T2's.  If not you can check out their website at or the blog I posted called "Is Your Livewell V-T2?"  The contest will be done on the Chris McDonald Fishing Facebook page.  It will start today 2/25/14 and end next Tuesday 3/4/14.  It will be a simple contest simply like Chris McDonald Fishing's FB page, Like V-T2's FB page and share the original post and make a comment.  If you don't win the V-T2 system I recommend you look into them and add a set to your boat so you don't regret not having the protection they give your catch this summer.   

Friday, February 21, 2014

Could We See A Historic Classic Champion?

 Randall Tharp leads after day 1 of the Bassmaster Classic.  Could this be a historic year?  Could the current Forrest Wood Cup Champion be crowned the Bassmaster Champion at the same time?  In the case of Tharp I truly think it is possible. 

He has proven time and again he is a skilled angler.  He can rise to the top and win.  So yes I think it’s a safe bet that Tharp could be both the FLW Cup and Bassmaster Classic Champion.  Throw in to the mix that Tharp is fishing both tours this year and it just proves that FLW has anglers just as skilled as the Elite Series.

Tharp brought 27- 8lbs to the weigh-in stage today.  He sits about 9 ounces head of Evers so the Championship is not locked up for Tharp by any means.  A month ago Tharp finished 4th at Okeechobee, an even many believed he was a favorite to win myself included.
In two more days we will see if Tharp can pull off something that has never been done and be both the FLW Cup champ and the Bassmaster classic champion.  Maybe this picture he posted on his Facebook page can come true.  He has put himself in position for it to.
From Randall Tharp's Facebook page

New Reels and Rods from Victory Teased at Classic

With the Bassmaster Classic also come’s new baits, rods and reels.  The Classic was where the Havoc line of baits was released a few years ago.  This year Wright and McGill is introducing the new Victory Pro Carbon Rods and Reels.  See the video HERE.
I don’t know much about the new reel other then what my. contact at Wright and McGill has told me: “It is a completely new reel, frame, design, bearings, line guide, everything. One of the main differences is in the breaking system. The original had an internal centrifugal break and the new model has an external Magnetic breaking system.” 
They don’t give you a good look at the new products in the video, but I have seen better pictures and it defiantly looks like a better baitcaster to me, I can’t say without trying it.  The will be introduced at iCast later this year and will be available to buy sometime after that.  Here is a little better look at the braking system on the new reel.  

Thursday, February 20, 2014

I Want Tim Johnston to Win the Classic and This is Why

I was scrolling through a stupid group of photos on (yes I said stupid about Bassmaster).  It was “Trucks, equipment and bling” and it was basiclly a group of pictures looking at tires of the pros bass boats (I will say it again stupid), but I guess what does that say about me that I was suckered into flipping through it when I came upon the picture above.  This to me is a story that picture is of Tim Johnston’s Skeeter.  He is competing in the Classic and as far as I can tell that’s the boat he is fishing out of.  Now that’s a man who is living the dream….no boat wrap just a man and his boat. said this about the boat: “What this rig lacks in actual bling is makes up for in experience. This is a working man’s bass boat, and it’s also the boat of a Classic competitor. This is Tim Johnston’s Skeeter and it’s worth less than some electronics on other competitors’ boats. But, it’s got more heart.”  It kind of bothered me.

One, they are doing a photo essay on boat tires and rims basically and then they half make a snarky remark about the man’s boat on to end it with “It’s got more heart.”  I hope that Tim Johnston wins the classic and that little boat is towed around the weigh-in arena.